1200 General Purpose Masking Tape. Single sided Paper – Starts at $1.00 per roll for 72 Rolls at 12mm wide
Sold in cartons, all quantities make up 1 carton.

Technical Details

Product Features:

  • Cured rubber adhesive.
  • Creped paper is easily conformable.
  • Suitable for automotive baking ovens.
  • General purpose masking.
  • Various holding and sealing applications.
  • Good solvent resistance.
  • Can be written on, for labelling.
  • Available with barcode and retail wrapped.

Product Specifications:

  • Adhesive: Cured rubber
  • Total thickness: 0.18mm
  • Backing: Creped paper
  • Maxwidth: 1500mm
  • Colour: Cream
  • Tensile strength: 3.2kg / 10mm
  • Adhesion to steel: 0.35kg / 10mm
  • Elongation: 8%
  • Temperature Resistance: 93* C (60 min.)

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1200 General Purpose Masking Tape

Husky’s General Purpose Masking Tape is a versatile masking tape. Ideal for industrial and commercial masking applications. Our masking tape has good resistance to paints and solvents. This tape can be used for oven baking up to 93 degrees Celsius. Comes in cream in colour, roll width 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, and 48mm.

Starts at $71.52 Incl GST$120.00 Incl GSTrole-based price$71.52 Incl GST$120.00 Incl GST