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Dress for Asbestos - The risks are high, so Asbestos has compiled a handy guide on the correct way to dress for Asbestos removal.

What is an ‘asbestos PPE kit’ personal protection equipment (PPE)

If you live in a property with large amounts of asbestos sheeting, it is recommended you put together your own Asbestos PPE Kit in case you need to make some emergency repairs. Download a Fact Sheet for full instructions.

WEAR all items listed in the PPE Kit whenever working with asbestos.

ALL items in a disposable PPE Kit must be disposed of as ASBESTOS WASTE after use.

Wear the PPE in the following order:

  • 1. Disposable coveralls
  • 2. Footwear
  • 3. Shoe covers
  • 4. Gloves
  • 5. Mask
  • 6. Protective eye-wear



  • Should be rated Type 5, Category 3.
  • Be labelled for asbestos use.
  • Be one size too big to prevent breaking or tearing when worn.
  • Include a hood and elasticised cuffs.
  • Cuffs should be pulled over the edge of gloves.
  • If the cuffs of coverall arms are loose, seal them with tape to prevent fibres getting in.
  • After the shoe covers are fitted, ensure the coverall legs then go over the top of shoe covers.
  • After the mask and eye-wear are fitted, ensure the hood goes over the mask straps and arms of eye-wear, and covers all hair.



  • NEVER wear boots or shoes with laces as they can’t be decontaminated.
  • GUMBOOTS are the best option as they are easily wiped clean and have no laces. Once cleaned appropriately they can be re-used for non-asbestos work.
  • SHOE COVERS are worn OVER shoes and should cover all of the boot/shoe and be secured above the ankle.
  • WHEN shoe covers are secured, pull the cuffs of the coverall legs down to cover the top of shoe covers.



  • Use ONLY disposable Latex, Nitrile or neoprene gloves.
  • Tuck under the cuffs of coveralls and tape the cuffs if loose.



  • Your mask should be worn at all times when working with asbestos
    Various styles of P2 disposable masks

    containing materials.

  • Minimum P2 filter, half face disposable particulate respirator.
  • Half face non-disposable particulate respirator with cartridge is preferred but it must be decontaminated after each use.
  • Half face non-disposable particulate respirator with cartridge is a better option.  (Silicon is better than rubber) as fits better and not as hot.
  • The wearer must be clean shaven in the area of the seal.
  • All respirators are different shapes
    and sizes so it’s important that the size is
    correct to properly
    fit to the wearer’s face.
  • Ensure your mask fits perfectly by conducting a respirator fit check.
    • Close off inlet to filter with hands
    • Inhale gently
    • Hold for 10 seconds
    • Ensure the face piece remains slightly collapsed



  • ALWAYS wear protective eye-wear when working with materials that might produce dust.
  • AFTER fitting your mask, fit your eye-wear and place the hood over the top of the mask straps and eye-wear arms.

Pictures have been omitted, Reproduced with permission from the Asbestos Education Committee – See original website

Wishing you a safe workday – Kelly Walker, employee of A&M Workwear